Paddleboarding in Florida

Paddleboarding in Florida: Your Wellness Guide

Let’s Paddleboard, Orlando!

If you’re searching for an outdoor activity that’s a happy medium between sipping wine on the beach and an athletically-daring boating excursion, stand-up paddleboarding (known as SUP) may just be your answer.

“I like to say that indulging in paddleboarding is a healthy treat for your mind, body and soul,” says Ned Johnson, owner of Paddleboard Orlando. “While you’re paddling, your brain is focused on the incredible feeling of gliding across the water, your body is engaging in a dynamic low-impact strength and cardio workout, and your soul re-centers itself as you connect with nature.”

This recreational sport differs from most others in that it has a  gentle learning curve. With the right equipment, favorable conditions and proper instruction, just about anyone can enjoy SUP. “It’s also unique since a variety of folks—friends, family or co-workers—can all enjoy doing it together even though their individual athleticism may vary greatly,” Johnson says, regarding the sport’s ability to be both healthy and fun.

With guidance from a certified instructor, like the ones available at Paddleboard Orlando, you’ll quickly learn that the correct SUP stroke technique doesn’t only engage your arms, it works all of your muscle groups. “It can truly change your life for the better,” Johnson continues. “Do be careful though. SUP can be highly addicting and may cause you to rethink the priorities in your life. In drastic cases, like my own, I quit my corporate job and embraced a life on the water,  connecting and sharing with others in the great outdoors.”

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