Paddleboarding with Manatees

Paddleboarding with Manatees

Sounds like an adventure to me!! In Central Florida we are fortunate to have these gentle giants call our waterways their home! Curious and cautious to visitors to their domain, manatees are a protected species and as such interactions with them should always follow the rules of law. At Paddleboard Orlando we offer a passive manatee observation paddle during the months of Nov- March. Fascinating mammals to see in the wild, that have adapted wondrously to their environments, these herbivores have no natural predators. Their greatest threats are the cold and man. We believe by educating and exposing folks to these magnificent creatures that we can create an awareness of how special they are and the safe guards needed to protect them.

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When the temperatures drop the manatees head for the warmest water they can find. While the rivers, oceans, and lagoon water temperature are influenced by the air temperature, Florida’s unique springs are year-round 72 degrees. Making the warmer waters a perfect retreat for the manatee. Our manatee trips visit Blue Springs in Orange city, a short 30-45 min trip from Orlando, where the manatees can gather by the hundreds!! On our custom Palm Paddleboard you’ll always feel extra stable due to their high volume, wide tails and thick rails. And what better way to see and get the best perspective than standing up and looking down! Although, if they approach you, it might be a good idea to lower your center of gravity! As curious creatures they may scratch their back on your skeg or rub their flipper on your board. Many times, they surface next to the board as if to say a friendly “Hello “and give you a smell of their fresh breath, ha-ha!! This eco adventure experience is suitable for beginners, first timers, families and advanced paddlers looking for that unique outside experience. With 10 years of SUP adventure experience and 500 5 star reviews online, Paddleboard Orlando guarantees a memorable safe trip for all paddlers.

The unobtrusive, ecofriendly easy to use Stand Up Paddleboard is the perfect platform to get outside and see and experience the unique natural jewels Orlando has to offer!! Join us for fun and adventure!! You’ll be so glad you did!