Paddleboard FAQ’s

Make your experience a memorable Paddle Adventure!

Paddleboard Frequently Asked Questions that will help make your paddle experience a prepared and pleasant one. If you have any other Paddleboard FAQ or comment regarding your reservation please do not hesitate to contact us, we love helping our clients.

How do I make a reservation for a paddleboard a tour, lesson or rental?

Reservations and prepayment are required for tours and lessons. This can be done online thru our website or by phone by calling (407) 960-7815 during regular business hours. We are happy to answer any questions you have! Paddleboard rentals are available at Wekiva Island only. For use on location only at Wekiva Island. No reservations needed or available. First come first serve, Weekends and holidays fill early, weekdays not as much. During peak months there is a $2.00 entrance fee pp to enter Wekiva Island.

What about refunds? What if I have to cancel? Do I get a full refund? What if it rains and get canceled? Do I get a refund?

Yes! we are happy to refund all your monies with 8 hours notice by phone, text or email for whatever reason, it doesn’t matter. Yes we will refund your monies 100% if we have to cancel due to rain (or wind!). We are also happy to reschedule you for free to another tour/day/time if you prefer.

Do I need any paddleboard experience to go on a Paddleboard Orlando tour?

Nope! Most all of our tours are designed for beginners or first time paddlers. In the description of the tours it will say”suitable for beginners and first time paddlers”. All tours start with a few minutes refresher lesson on the basics of paddleboarding and the unique features of the specific tour you are on. Manatee, Wekiva and Winter park tours are all favorites of our first time and seasoned paddlers.

What do I need to bring on my paddle board trip?

We recommend you bring as little as possible on the board with you. The exception would be a water bottle or a small soft sided cooler if you need a snack close by. The boards have straps on the nose to hold these items in place. Make sure you use sunscreen before going out on the water. If you bring sunglasses or eyeglasses make sure they have a floating retainer attached. We have sadly watched many folks lose nice glasses. Once they hit the bottom they are gone. Leave your phones in your car unless you are on call and need it with you. The instructors have a key bag and will secure your car keys for you when you come down to the beach/dock to check in. We suggest you do bring and leave in your car a change of clothes and a towel for afterwards, just in case! Most folks don’t fall in the water unless they want to, but if you are planning on an immersive experience, definitely bring a change of clothes. There are changing rooms, bathrooms and outside showers at both Dinky dock and Wekiva island. Online photo albums are available for free to share or download one picture or all of them on our Facebook business page usually before midnight on the same day. Don’t worry, we take really good pictures! check it out at

What should I wear? What kind of shoes are best?

Aside from swimsuits and rash guards; Some folks feel more comfortable wearing shorts and a t shirt. Others wear work out or yoga gear. If you wear a swim suit you can always wear a cover up too, (extra large button down shirt works great) that way you can stow your coverup once we are out on the water if you so wish. For shoes, bare feet on the boards feels best. But wearing easy slip off sandals or sneakers is ideal until you get on the board. Shoes and sandals can be left on both the beach and dock at Dinky dock and Wekiva island. If you want to wear water shoes that is fine too! Some folks just prefer to have something on their feet separating them from whatever. If you have feet issues, shoes usually give you a bit more lateral stability across your feet, you’ll often see Uncle Ned wearing water shoes on the tours.

Are there any age requirements for taking a paddleboard tour with you?

We are family owned and family friendly business. We want your whole family to enjoy our SUP experiences! Children under the age of 13 can ride on their parents board for free. Please add your child’s weight to your weight when filling out the registration form if they are riding on your board. Children 13 and over can paddle in the tours with our group paddles. Exceptions are made on an individual basis if the child has extensive prior sup or athletic experience. Call Uncle Ned if you have questions regarding your child paddling. (407) 960-7815 Normally it’s an issue of strength and endurance, during our 12 years experience and 35,000 people taught we see that younger children are just not physically able to keep up with a group of adult paddlers. Since no one gets left behind this takes an instructor away from his group of 7 paddlers he responsible for. Hopefully this rationale and reasoning make sense, we take great pride in that our tours are carefully designed for safety first and fun second. Winter Park, Wekiva, Manatee are all great family paddles!

Are there any physical limitations?

Anyone in average physical condition may join a Paddleboard Orlando trip. The only prerequisite we require is a healthy spirit of curiosity and adventure. Our tours are not considered to be strenuous or physically demanding, and we do not require a high level of fitness, however, if you have any physical impairments that require special services, or have concerns about any special needs you or your group may have, please call us to discuss them. For more info call (407) 960-7815.

How stable are your paddleboards?

Very! Here’s what makes us different and makes this easier for you to learn, when you sign up for a tour we ask for your height and weight. This is so we can bring a board with the proper size length, width and volume for you. This is critical to making this a fun recreation instead of a challenging or hard sport. If you have the proper size board and safe fun conditions, anybody can paddleboard!

Should I “tip” my paddleboard tour guide?

Although not required, a guide gratuity at the end of your trip is a nice gesture of appreciation for outstanding service, fun times and smiling children. Guiding is a hospitality industry; comparable to that of a server at a restaurant, except that our guides spend more time with you, teach you more, keep you safe and make your trip unforgettable.

Is it safe to paddleboard in Florida? What about gators?

Absolutely it is safe to paddleboard in Florida. We take great pride in keeping all of our customers safe and happy for the last 12 years. All of our tours and rentals are designed to maximize your experience as safely as possible. Yes there are gators in Florida. But their natural cold blooded reaction is to do nothing or run away. Gators are not aggressive by nature. If they have been fed by humans then yes they will be curious. It is against the law to feed gators. The lakes and rivers we use for our tours we feel 100% safe about and our record reflects that, check our reviews for Winter Park, Wekiva and manatee tours on or google.