The Paddleboard Orlando Story

Aloha! Welcome to Paddleboard Orlando!

Thank you for your interest in our company and the sport of stand up paddleboarding, or SUP. Central Florida is ideally situated for paddling with waterways in every direction you look! From the residential chain of lakes in each county to the lush crystal clear springs that abound thru out the area. Central Florida is a flat water paddlers mecca! We love that our area provides calmer waters for beginners to learn on while still providing world class paddling for more experienced paddlers. There is literally something for everyone between our lakes, rivers, springs and nearby oceans.  We can’t wait to get you on board and show you our favorite spots!

Way back in 2009 our founder Uncle Ned was on an “Adventure date” with his then girlfriend now wife, Marla. That days “adventure” was a kayak race in St Pete followed by a free demo day of paddleboarding. Uncle Ned remembers the moment as a literal light bulb going off over his head when he stepped on a SUP for the first time! Describing himself as a frustrated Florida surfer but a fair to good kayak racer this board he was standing on seemed like the perfect marriage of 2 favorite watersports! His mind racing with possibilities, Ned was nearing the end of his competitive wakeboard days, and SUP offered a way to stay on the water on a board without the dramatic impacts of wakeboarding. Back at home, excited and anxious to learn and practice more, Uncle searched about on the internet for places in Orlando to SUP. With no dedicated full time paddleboard businesses in Orlando; 6 months later Uncle Ned quit his 20 year career with the state of Florida’s Lottery marketing department and started Orlando’s first paddleboard company, Paddleboard Orlando!
Now entering our 13th season and having taught more than 30,000 people, we LOVE SUP even more! We’ve met and made friends with folks from around the globe! We love taking folks out on paddleboards and creating unique fun experiences for them and their families that they’ll look back on for years with BIG smiles! We hope you will join us soon on one of our paddleboard tours and SUP lessons, we guarantee you’ll be glad you did!  And if your not careful, it might change your life! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out! By email or phone or text, or 407 960 7815.

Can’t make a tour or tours aren’t your thing?

No problem, we offer the best high quality paddleboard rentals available 7 days a week at Wekiva Island. No reservations required.

Wekiva Island is THE BEST spot to rent and use a paddleboard on location. Why?

No motor boats past the bridge, and wind and sun shaded from old growth tree lined banks. Take motor boats and their wakes out of the equation and add wind protected clear clean spring water and you have world class paddling conditions on a federally protected wild and scenic spring run, amazing! Get away from the city and I-4 traffic noise and congestion! Don’t miss this local suburban secret spot, your paddleboard adventures await at Wekiva Island.!

See You On Board Soon!

Ned Johnson aka "Uncle Ned"

Paddleboard Orlando Founder & Chief on the water

Born under the sign of water, Uncle Ned is our founder and chief on the water. With an extensive background in competitive wake boards, kayaking, and canoeing Uncle Ned has been around the water all his life. He holds an ASI Master Trainer Certification, WPA Level 3, and Paddlefit Level 3 certifications. His love for the water and people is apparent in his warm greetings and vivacious personality!